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Adrienne Brown

Computers, technology and graphics have always played a large role in Adrienne Brown's life. They were so much a part of her life that she would sit in front of the computer for hours at the young age of 10. “I had no clue at the time why I was so interested in gadgets, but the picture became a little clearer when I created my first poster for my bedroom door," she said.

Adrienne named her company Brownster, Inc. which later became visible at the bottom of programs, birthday cards and flyers she produced for family and friends. “I can remember printing posters that were 18x24 in size on my home printer on regular sized paper and having to sit at the dining room table to piece it together with tape," she said. She never knew that Brownster, Inc. would later birth Distinguished Designz, Texarkana's up and coming leader in all things graphic design.

In 2006, Adrienne began her journey to become a Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. Army which lead to more marketing and design work. In the PAO position, Adrienne's design experience has helped her company win several national awards.

Adrienne is completely self-taught in graphic design work and often brags about YouTube and Google being her constant classroom instructor. The longtime graphic designer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism with emphasis in Public Relations and minor in Marketing from Texas A&M University at Commerce.

“From business cards to billboards, I’m ready to help bring your vision to life,” Adrienne states. “I take pride in making you stand out.”

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